Hiya! I’m Katie.

I’ve done tons of public speaking, customer service, creative writing, professional development, human dynamic coaching, and much else…. and yet when faced with “introduce yourself”, I freeze.

How do we herd all that have been wild cats from every which way of our lives into a brief elevator pitch? A quick about the author blurb?

I suppose that it depends on your audience. What topic of you are they seeking to learn about? What is at the peak of relevance in order to be respectful of their time and purpose?

Ugh, seems a bit shallow, dismissive, dehumanizing… don’t you think?

I believe we all have multiple testimonies. One (or more) for every single category within our lives. Much like if a team of spiders, with all different colored silk, were to create a huge web. Sure, with some time, space, and a step backward, we can see the big picture. We can appreciate the grand design. But during the creating process-the living process- each color is inter-tangled, frustrated, confused, exhausted….yet completely beautiful in the journey it takes of not knowing which way it will go. (Still working on my imagery analogy for this… thanks for bearing with me.)

So, I have a testimony for all areas such as: family life testimony, faith life testimony, school life testimony, social life testimony, romantic relationship testimony, sports/volleyball testimony (Lord, help the volleyball testimony), my health testimony–physical issues vs injuries vs mental health testimonies, professional testimony….. I know you know that I know that you get it.

Introduce myself? Who am I?

I mean, I’m Katie. I know I’m a daughter of God the Father. Yaddy yadda, yes I know that’s where my identity lies… But what about me? Who am I?

Well it depends… what do you want to know?


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