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Here on Live & Learn there is a “no box” policy.

This means that, collectively, we hold the belief that people, God, ideas, and lives do not fit into a single box (category, stereotype, image, isolated purpose, etc.).

We cannot put God in a box. When we try to fully understand Him, we have just limited His vastness in our minds. We cannot put each other in a box. That invalidates the complexity of relationships and empathy towards life’s obstacles. Do not put yourself in a box either. Why can it be so burdensome to try to fit into a singular “image”, “type”, “brand”, “style”, or to meet the subconscious expectations of socioeconomic classes? Because it is truly impossible. We are more than that.

Each individual is just that. An INDIVIDUAL. Multifaceted, highly complicated, uniquely designed, unlike any other. Each life that’s lived is also highly diverse.

Because of this, I won’t pretend that you just care about one thing, have only one passion, dream, interest, struggle, or fall into an impersonal “target market”.

With all of the above in mind, I simply ask that you return the favor. Please don’t put me, Katie Sir, or this site, Life & Learn, in a box. Have an open mind and few expectations. I can’t even say “the purpose of this site is to be _____(a hub for holistic community, an outlet for creative expression, a resource for life struggles, a #basicblog to share fun pictures and quotes, etc.)” because picking one, or any, would be creating a limited box.

Let Live & Learn mean a variety of things to you and serve a range of purposes.

Please follow, share, and don’t hesitate to join in!

Because there is at least one thing we all have in common:

We live. We learn. (So) Let’s talk about it!